A STREET dealer who repeatedly supplied heroin to undercover police, including in the grounds of an Accrington church, has been jailed for three years.

Addict Ibran Khan, 23, who had got in debt to his own dealers, was caught four times, last May and June. The defendant, a labourer and newlywed at the time, has a record for possessing drugs, Burnley Crown Court heard.

Khan, of Tremellen Street, Accrington, had earlier admitted four counts of supplying heroin in Accrington, last May 21, 23, 25 and June 6.

Patrick Thompson, prosecuting, said on the first occasion, the defendant handed over one wrap for £10 to the officer, at the rear of Poplar Street, after turning up at the wheel of a black Astra.

On May 23, the officer rang Khan's number and was told to wait outside the JobCentre in Oak Street. The Astra pulled up again and the undercover officer bought two wraps of heroin for £20.

Mr Thompson said on May 25, the officer was at some benches in Church Street when several calls were made to the defendant.

He didn't answer, but Khan later came past. The officer asked the defendant if he was carrying any drugs, he said he wasn't, but when the officer later saw Khan again, in the grounds of the church, the defendant beckoned him over, asked what he wanted and dealt two small wraps for £20.

On the last occasion, the officer went to Church Street, rang Khan's number and asked if he could supply heroin and crack cocaine.

A voice at the end of the phone replied: “Only brown.” The officer was told to go to Park Road and telephone again.

The prosecutor continued: “The defendant appeared and had a plastic bag with him, which looked like it contained about 50 wraps. The officer handed over £10 for one wrap.”

Ahmed Nadim, for Khan, said he had been in custody since his arrest. The barrister said: “The defendant became indebted to his suppliers and the only way out of that situation was to do the bidding of his supplier. He had been subject to considerable pressure.”

Sentencing, Judge Beverley Lunt told Khan: “It must be clearly understood that even if you are a drug addict and you owe money to your suppliers, there can be no excuse for becoming a street dealer."