BLACKBURN Rovers fan Shaun Haggart had always wanted to go to New York but sadly died before he was able to get there.

But now, the prized shirt of the ‘inspirational’ 24-year-old, who died in 2010, will take pride of place in the shadows of the Empire State Building.

‘Little Shaun’, who was born with Hirsch-sprung’s disease, a genetic disorder of the colon where nerve cells are absent, went to the US with his parents, Anna and Shaun Snr, on several holidays and always wanted to visit the Big Apple.

And now, almost four years after his death, the New York supporters’ group has arranged for his shirt to be hung up in Foley’s Bar in the city.

Steven Bradley, from NYC Rovers, said: “We were only too happy to help and thanks to Foley’s Bar, Shaun’s shirt is now hanging up in the shadow of the Empire State Building.

“It is in one of the most iconic areas of the city and is doing his family, Rovers, and most importantly himself, proud.”

Shaun, who lived at Scotland Bank Terrace, had been a season ticket-holder at Ewood Park since he was just five, and Mrs Haggart said: “It is absolutely fantastic. He always wanted to go to New York.

“In the end he didn’t get there but now we can go and visit his shirt at Foley’s.

“It has been very emotional and for people in New York to have followed his story made me so proud.”

The shirt was taken over to the States by one of Shaun’s old friends, Kerry Fitzsimmons.

The former Witton Park High School pupil died at home two days after being discharged from The Christie in Manchester.

He won a Children of Courage award as one of the top 10 bravest youngsters in the country in 2002.