TWO thugs involved in a sustained, late-night attack on a Nelson pub bouncer have each been jailed for 10 months.

Burnley Crown Court had earlier heard how Adam Rana was ‘smacked in the face’ with a bottle, and repeatedly hit in the brutal violence at The Prince of Wales, after door staff ref-used entry to a female believed to be under age.

Trouble had started out-side the Leeds Road premises, where Mr Rana was assaulted.

It then carried on inside, where prolific crooks Duane Haythornthwaite and ex-heroin addict turned drunk Peter McCormack set about him.

The prosecution could not say either was part of what went on outside. The hear-ing had been told how, for the past six months, McCor-mack had been on a ‘ramp-age’, assaulting people and committing public order offences.

Haythornthwaite, 40, of Brunswick Street, and McC-ormack, 36, care of Derby Street, both Nelson, had earlier admitted assault causing actual bodily harm.

The crown court was told that police received reports that a member of door staff was being assaulted.

The girl, believed to be underage, tried to push her way in and was taken outside.

Mr Rana was punched in the head.

He tried to close the pub door and, once inside, Haythornthwaite hit him with a bottle from behind.

The door then burst open and the defendants, with others, launched blows on him.

The victim recognised one of his attackers as McCormack, a regular visitor to the premises.

Mr Rana was kicked and punched on the floor.

McCormack told a police officer: “Bouncers think they are big, stopping us getting in.”

Mr Rana suffered bruises around both eyes and tend-erness to both his cheek-bones.

McCormack had a total of 44 offences on his record, while Haythornthwaite had 32 previous convictions