Rossendale and Darwen MP Jake Berry yesterday introduced his bill to ban gambling adverts before the 9pm watershed at Westminster.

The Tory backbencher has also launched a website — — where 1,000 people have sponsored the bill. His ‘10 Minute Rule Bill’ on the Regulation of Gambling Advertising is unlikely to become law but with cross-party support may prompt government action.

Mr Berry said:“Young people today are the first generation to grow up with gambling seen as an acceptable form of entertainment and leisure.

“Constant adverts condition young people into believing gambling is a fun and glamorous activity. Adverts are endorsed by celebrities and we must restrict such adverts to adults who are able to weigh odds and understand the risks. I visited an NHS gambling treatment clinic, where I heard the impact of these adverts on recovering addicts. This is a public lobby asking for change and I hope the government will act.”