A BLACKBURN family has hit out at Twin Valley Homes for failing to provide alternative accommodation after their home became infested with mould.

Debra Higginson, 44, lives in Scotland Bank Terrace with her daughters Bethany, 13, and Angel eight.

Debra said the whole family have become ill as a result of white, green and black mould growing in their house.

She said the property has been assessed by someone sent by Twin Valley, but she does not know when the mould will be treated.

She said: “It hasn’t got better, it’s got worse.

“I’ve been to the doctors yesterday, they’re writing a letter as well, because the spores from the mould are causing problems with our health.

“They’ve given me nowhere else to live, so we’re having to live in it. I don’t even know when they’re going to start the work, they’ve said we’re on a list.

“It’s quite bad, I just think it’s ridiculous how they’re leaving me like this, having to live there, and not giving me other accommodation to live in.

“Bethany has ear problems and a sore throat, she’s on antibiotics.

“We have to come away from the house to feed them at their grandma’s, and then go back late at night.

I get up first thing to take her to school if she’s well enough, it’s quite horrendous.”

The girls’ grandmother Philomena Harrison said the family was spending most of their time at her house.

She said: “Nobody seems to think this is important and they’re all ill, they’re all on antibiotics.

“Someone should have put them in different accommodation until they get this sorted.”

Ian Bell, head of Twin Valley Homes, said: “We have worked closely with the tenant as we carry out remedial works.

“We’ve also explained that as the majority of the works are external, there is no need for her to move out.

“We'll keep working with the tenant to try and get these repairs done so she can return to normal as soon as possible.”