A SIX-metre-tall obelisk will be installed at the summit of Peel Park in Accrington, and be visible for miles around, it has been revealed.

It will be sited near the Peel monument, which was refurbished alongside steps up the hill four years ago, and will be built from reconstituted stone.

The four-sided monument will taper narrowly, and end in a pyramid-shape at the top, plans lodged with the borough council show.

It will mark an ongoing ‘masterplan’ at Peel Park and the Coppice.

More than 1,700 metres of path were refurbished in 2009, and the Friends of Arden Hall and the Coppice group was given almost £50,000 late last year to carry out further improvements.

Councillor Wendy Dwyer said: “It’s a much easier place to visit now. At one time it was a hidden treasure, but now it’s more open to people.

“Now we have opened the paths, lots more people are going up. You can take prams up there now.

“It’s very good news. I hope it will bring a sense of pride. We have nice artwork at the gate which has been there for two years now.

“In recent years, a lot of money has been spent and you can see the efforts, and we have had a lot of positive feedback.”

Woodland management is being carried out at the park, and bird and bat boxes were also planned.

A document on the county council’s website said: “The objectives of the master plan are that Peel Park will be recognised as an area which offers a wide range of outdoor experiences to all sections of the community.”

The land that now comprises Peel Park and the Coppice was acquired by Accrington town council from the Peel family.

Some of it was donated, while some was bought.

Peel Park was opened in September 1909 in a ceremony that involved 5,000 local schoolchildren, three bands, and local dignitaries.

Its centenary was celebrated in 2009.