1.The ice cream van returns to the Spring Wood picnic site at Whalley.

Lancashire Telegraph: The most popular flavour of ice cream in England is vanilla, with chocolate coming in second, and strawberry ranking third.

2. Three-quarter length trousers become the mode of dress for men who really shouldn’t wear them around our town centres.

3. An Easter egg price war breaks out among supermarkets.

Lancashire Telegraph: Bikers plan hospital Easter egg run

4. Neighbours see each other for the first time in six months as they bring out the lawn mowers.

Lancashire Telegraph: MUCKING IN: George Graham, gets back to grass roots with a lawn mower

5. Residents in Downham find complete strangers staring through the windows of their homes.

6. Bikers get the chance to charge up the driveway to Hoghton Tower at the annual sprint event.

7. Children’s bathtime toys are bought in bulk by various charity organisations in preparation for the duck race season.

Lancashire Telegraph: Rubber duck

8. At least one Lancashire League cricket match has to be abandoned due to snow and hail showers.

Lancashire Telegraph: A shaft of sunlight illuminates play between Sheriff Hutton Bridge and Dunnington as rain clouds gather above on another weather-hit day

9. Holiday barges are seen chugging along the Leeds-Liverpool Canal.

10. Owners of convertibles head out with the top down wearing hats, gloves, fleeces and a Thermos of soup on the front seat.