A ROOFER has appealed for the return of his van after it was stolen from outside a house while he worked.

Peter Nadin, 59, said he had lost tools worth more than £800 when his silver Ford Transit was taken from Accrington Road, Burnley.

Mr Nadin, who set up Peter Nadin Roofing and Builders in 1976, said he feared his equipment could be sold on to other tradespeople.

Lancashire police confirmed they were investigating the incident, which happened around 11am on Tuesday. Mr Nadin said the van, which bears his name and the registration plate YY12 KKM, was taken after someone entered the house he was working at, lifted the keys, and drove off.

He said: “The loss of the van and tools is slowing my work down. The police are looking for it but I haven’t heard anything yet.We’re a family firm who have been in Burnley for almost 40 years and this sort of thing is not good for the business.

“I have a workshop in Accrington Road but the van was taken after someone entered the house I’m working on and lifted the keys.

The tools alone are worth about £800 and then there’s the price of the van.”

Mr Nadin, who also has premises in Wellfield Drive, Ightenhill, and a yard in Clifton Street, said: “I just came out of the house and it was gone. I was shocked.”

Mr Nadin’s daughter, Leianne, who has shared the appeal with hundreds of people on social media, said: “There’s stealing, then there’s stealing somebody’s livelihood. It’s absolutely beyond belief.”

Anyone who sees the van should call Lancashire police on 101.