UNION bosses have slammed chancellor George Osborne over his lack of attention to problems in the North West in last week’s budget.

Lynn Collins, regional secretary of the Trade Union Congress, said: “Mr Osborne told us this was a budget if you are a maker, a doer, or a saver. In reality, it offered little to those wanting to be a maker, doer, or saver.

“People out of work across our region, often through no fault of their own, are not offered much by the chancellor. Instead of announcements about investment in jobs, they were told the government intends to place a further cap on social security that many have paid into through national insurance over the years.

“Instead of the help and support at times of need, they are hit further.

“Mr Osborne thinks helping people save is the answer, with the rise in ISA limits to £15,000 per year, instead of helping the 160,000 workers in the North West who are paid the minimum wage, and don’t even earn £15,000 in a year.”