A TASTING of olive oils and food from the Italian mountain region Abruzzo takes place in Colne on Saturday.

Jan and Bernard Styan, who have a house in the region, are leading the tasting of oils and balsamic vinegars at La Dolce Vita, in Albert Road, from 11.30am to 1.30pm.

Jan said: “We thought people would enjoy a taste of liquid sunshine now that it’s officially spring.

“These oils are not like anything you’d get in a supermarket.

“They’re unfiltered full flavoured oils made in the traditional way using old stone wheels and mats to press the olives.”

Tickets are £6.95 including a taste of food from Abruzzo and can be booked by popping into the deli at 40 Albert Road or calling 01282 866008 or by contacting the deli on Facebook.