A DUCK had to be rescued after getting tangled up in a plastic wrapper left by litter louts.

The RSPCA found the duck on Walverden Reservoir, in Brunswick Street, Nelson, with a piece of plastic that holds a pack of beer together stuck to its beak.

Rescuers spent several days trying to catch the duck before they were able to free it.

Inspector Natalie Taylor said: “We were trying to use a net to catch the duck but it was very wary around us and it would often move away when we were close.

“We were going back every day to see what the situation was and at one point we were looking at getting a boat to get out on the water.

“But one day I went down with a colleague and he was able to distract it and we managed to catch it and remove the plastic. “The duck wasn’t hurt. We could put it straight back in the water. Luckily it was still able to eat while the plastic was stuck, but the consequences could have been much worse.”

Inspector Taylor said people didn’t realise the danger they were putting animals in by leaving rubbish lying about.

“This area is very popular with people having a picnic but we need people to be aware of the rubbish they are leaving behind and to take with them.

“Food wrappers and drinks cans are often just left and it can cause lots of problems for the wildlife. It is a regular problem that we come across.”