A POPULAR youth group is facing the axe after failing to attract enough adult volunteers.

The group, started four years ago, meets at Wilpshire Methodist church every Friday, and has 67 young members.

There are eight adults who volunteer every week but at least four more are needed to avoid the group being forced to close.

The group started with 30 members and hosts activities including table tennis and snooker.

Youth group leader David Bicup said: “The club is in real danger of closing.

“We have eight adults who volunteer at the group at the moment but we need another four at least.

“That doesn’t sound very many but actually finding these volunteers is quite difficult.

“Some of our existing volunteers might also leave before Easter, so it’s even more important to find replacements soon.

“The club is vital to the community and provides a safe space for young people to interact and have fun on a Friday night.

“It’s amazing that we have such a large membership at the moment and it would be a huge shame if we had to close.

“We just can’t run the group without the proper supervision.”

Coun Stuart Hirst, who represents Wilpshire on Ribble Valley Council, said: “I would view the closure of such an important facility with extreme concern.

“I would encourage any suitable volunteer from the ward who felt that they could assist to come forward as soon as possible.

“I will be speaking to Reverend Albert Gayle, who is in charge of the Methodist church, to see if there is anything else that we can do to publicise the vacancies.”

Anyone who feels they could be able to help should ring Mr Bicup on 01254 247860.