MEMBERS of East Lancashire YMCA have raised awareness of the issue of homelessness among young people by sleeping rough in cardboard boxes.

A total of 13 support workers and young people took part in ‘Sleep Easy’ when they spent the night outside the YMCA Shop in Colne on Saturday, raising more than £2,000 for the YMCA housing project in the process.

Lorraine Prentice, CEO of the YMCA, based in Blackburn said: "The YMCA already supports the housing needs of several young people who find themselves homeless or in need of housing support in the East Lancashire area.

“We house many young people in various houses with special housing support workers.

“The YMCA Sleep Easy is raising awareness of the critical need for more cheap and support housing packages that young people can have available.

“Thanks to everyone who has pledged sponsorship. Please contact us as soon as possible to pay your pledge if you haven’t already done so.

“If you have forgotten to sponsor us for whatever reason, it’s not too late. No pressure but it was about three degrees, raining hard, and blustery, and we were in cardboard boxes on an open car park!"

Another Sleep Easy will take place on Saturday in Barnoldswick Town Square.