A TEENAGER punched by a man in his 20s needed stitches to his eye after an attack in the street.

Gary Goodill, 15, was walking near the Tesco store, in Eagle Street, Accrington, when he was punched in the head, and knocked to the ground.

He is now waiting for scan results to see if he has a fractured cheekbone.

The Norden High School pupil’s mum, Collette, said he approached his attacker in a lane near the shop as he thought he might have known him from social net- working site, Facebook.


She said: “The lad punched Gary for nothing. All he did was ask if he was called Bobby.

“I got a phone call from Gary at about 9pm on Friday to say he had been punched and could I go and pick him up.

“When I arrived, the staff at Tesco were giving him first aid and they had call-ed an ambulance.

“But when the police arrived, Gary was in so much pain and he was tired. They asked him how it had happened, but he could not explain. I just want to find the person who did this to my son. One punch can kill. If Gary had fallen the other way, he would have hit concrete. This could have been fatal.”

Pat Rogers founded charity Every Action Has Cons-equences, alongside husband Dave, after the death of their son Adam from a single punch.

She said she was saddened to hear of the attack and said she was working to educate people about the dangers of one-punch attacks. She said: “Every time something like this happens, it makes us want to work at it even harder.

“We need to get the message across that this is a cowardly thing to do.

“It is just a matter of luck where the head lands and how severe the injury is.”

A police spokeswoman said: “We were called to the Tesco store at 8.20pm.Someone had approached the victim and his friend while walking on an unlit path. The victim was punched, leaving a one-inch cut on his left eyelid, which we were told was glued at A&E.”

Gary’s attacker was about 27 years old. He had black hair with tram lines, brown eyes, and was short.