A GENEROUS couple who lost a baby grandson 21 years ago have donated a defibrillator to a Blackburn school in his memory.

Leslie and Barbara Parrington, both 75, wanted to do something to commemorate yesterday’s date as it would have been their grandson’s 21st birthday.

Mr Parrington said: “Sebastian was only 10 months old when he died.

“It was an awful time for the family and such a crying shame.

“My wife and I decided that we wanted to do something on his birthday because it would have been his 21st, which is a big celebration.

“We had a think about it and decided to ask Sebastian’s mother what she thought would be a good idea.

“She now has two more children that attend St Peter’s primary school and she suggested a defibrillator be donated to the school.

“The school is pleased with it and it’s a great thing for them to have. I think they should automatically be included in all schools and care homes for the elderly as they save lives.”

Last month, health officials called for defibrillators to be be ‘as ubiquitous as fire extinguishers’ after research revealed that the machines were on hand in just four per cent of the public spaces in which heart attacks occurred.

The couple presented the live-saving machine at the school in Hawkins Street, Mill Hill at a special morning assembly.

Head teacher Michael Duxbury said: “We are very grateful to Mr and Mrs Parrington for their generous donation. It’s fantastic for the school to have it’s very own defibrillator and it will safeguard a large amount of people as it can be used on both pupils and staff.

“We have put a plaque next to the defibrillator on the wall to commemorate Sebastian’s life and I just think it is wonderful that Mr and Mrs Parrington found it within themselves to donate such an important piece of equipment on what would have been their grandson’s 21st birthday. ”