A DAD was arrested and locked up after ‘trying to be helpful’ and babysitting his own children, a court was told.

Burnley magistrates heard how Andre Lennox was the subject of a non-molestation order taken out by his ex-partner Alexandra Gregson and, as a result, that he was banned from contact with her.

But when she asked him to look after their youngsters, a row erupted when she arrived home in the early hours with another man. She then called the police.

The hearing was told by prosecutor Alex Mann that Ms Gregson ‘seemed to be encouraging’ a breach of the order, which was made last December, for 12 months.

Jobless Lennox, 26, of Hargrove Avenue, Padiham, admitted failing to comply with the non-molestation order between January 1 and February 23 and was fined £100, with a £20 victim surcharge.

The bench chairman told the defendant: “You now know that you mustn’t go to the house. Obviously, you were trying to be helpful.”

Lee Hammond, for Lennox, told the court: “She instigated breach of the order by asking him to babysit for her.”

Mr Hammond said the defendant had babysat his children at Ms Gregson’s house on the night of February 20.

He had believed they were going to be reconciled and that she was going to remove the order.

The solicitor continued: “She returned at 3am with another male, who the defendant believes she was intimate with, and an argument ensued.

“She called the police and he was arrested.”