URBAN explorers have broken into the remaining memorial wing of Blackburn Royal Infirmary and caught what could be the final glimpses of the historic building’s interior on camera.

The photographs have been uploaded on to a website called derelictplaces.co.uk by an exporer who goes under the name TeeJF.

They show the decay inside the 86-year-old wing that has been vacant for seven years and fallen into a dangerous state of repair.

It was built when £100,000 was donated from townspeople to be a ‘constant reminder’ of the men who had fallen in the First World War.

The pictures are sure to evoke a response in those who will remember its striking original features.

And intricate mosaic of Blackburn’s coat of arms lies under a thick layer of dust, and murals of children’s characters are flaking.

And the imposing dome with its white walkway, once an impressive lightwell signifying the entrance to the top floor children’s ward, has deteriorated badly.

Plaster and paint is peeling from walls, shards of glass frame windows, and the floors are covered with fallen bits of ceilings The pictures come as PJ Livesey Group, the contractors looking after the the site, have warned the building is dangerous and anyone who tresspasses is at risk.

Spokeswoman Jill Burdett said: “We would strongly advise that people do not enter the building.

“It has been empty for a long time and is in a very derelict state and that could prove dangerous. There is a reason that we have erected eight foot-high security fences and have signs up everywhere warning people to stay out.”

PJ Livesey has investigated instances of trespassing at the site and performs security patrols.