YELLOW lines have been painted in Barnoldswick’s Victory Park to prevent inconsiderate parking by people working at the Rolls-Royce Bankfield site.

Residents and park users have complained that workers were parking ‘indiscriminately’.

Coun David Whipp, chairman of the area committee which oversees parks in West Craven, said: “Hopefully, the lining scheme will prevent Bankfield workers blocking the park’s entrances and monopolising the parking.

“Rolls-Royce provide a shuttle bus from their car park at Ghyll Brow, where there’s plenty of space, so there is no need for workers to inconvenience park users, or nearby residents, by inconsiderate parking.

“If the lining and signs don’t cure the problem, the next step will be to introduce limits in the park to stop all-day parking.

“Parking restrictions are due to be introduced on Skipton Road, and the legal order to bring this into place is being advertised at the moment.

“In the long term, it’s important that parking issues are addressed as part of any redevelopment taking place in the area.”