A DRAMATIC rooftop siege ended after four and a half hours last night when a wanted man gave himself up to police.

The 26-year-old man was found when officers called at an address in Norfolk Close, Clayton-le-Moors on an unrelated matter.

Once at the address, officers discovered the man inside, who was visiting the occupants.

When police tried to arrest him he climbed through the loft and onto the roof, where he remained for four and a half hours.

He first went onto the roof at approximately 7pm and proceeded to shout abuse and throw ridge tiles at officers who were trying to speak to him from the ground.

Police negotiators were called to the scene and tried to convince the man to
come down. At approximately 11.25pm, after lengthy negotiations with police officers, the man came down and gave himself up. He was arrested at the scene.

Inspector Steph Hurst last night said: "The man was arrested on recall to prison and a failure to appear warrant. He may also be charged with further offences in relation to tonight.

"Substantial damage was caused to the roof of the house he was on. He is
currently in custody."

The incident caused hours of disruption to people in the area.

Gordon Steele, 45, from Blackburn said: "I came to pick my wife up from work nearby, but then I found out she was working at a different site, in Clitheroe."

"Police officers said if you park your car there you can walk back through, but I came back out and they'd put this cordon up and I can't get my car out.

"My wife's stranded in Clitheroe. I've got to wait here to pick my car up
because I need it for work in the morning."