AN accident black spot that has seen at least nine people taken to hospital over the last year could have new safety measures introduced.

The speed limit along the A671 Accrington Road near Whalley could be reduced from 60mph to 50mph if the changes are approved after a public consolation.

Lancashire County Council announced the proposals after years of campaigning from Whalley councillor Joyce Holgate alongside Coun Terry Hill and County Coun Albert Atkinson.

A Lancashire County Council spokesman said that the consultation would begin ‘in the spring’.

The height of the traffic signal has already been raised so that it is more visible to drivers and a direction sign has been relocated in an attempt to improve general visibility.

The changes come after there were two major accidents along the road by the Spring Wood picnic site last year.

Hannah Flynn, 21, from Billington, has been in hospital since August after suffering severe head injuries, a fractured pelvis, a dislocated shoulder and two collapsed lungs.

In October, seven people were taken to hospital after a motor home collided with a bus on the road.

Coun Holgate said: “I’m pleased that the county council are doing something about this road.

“I use it all the time and I quite often see people jumping the lights which is easy to do because of the speed limit at the moment.

“It’s an accident black spot and I hope that these changes will help to save lives.

“My only concern would be is how the new speed limit would be enforced.”

Coun Hill said: “These changes are a step forward and I hope the changes will help make people more aware and improve visibility.

“I would like to see a camera installed on the traffic lights to monitor whether people are obeying the new limit.”