LIFE on the ocean wave should be a real luxury for two students from Colne.

Former beauty therapy specialists Shona Simpson, 18, and Faye Carradice, 22, have been selected by leisure group Steiner to work on board globe-trotting vessels.

The pair, both taught at Nelson and Colne College, can now look forward to a winter and spring on board cruises rather than chilly East Lancashire.

The therapists went through Steiner’s own company academy after being selected from hundreds of applicants.

Shona said: “So far we have learned lots. We have been able to use all the massage skills we learnt at college along with discovering different advanced techniques.

“It's very intense with lots to learn but I am really excited to go on board and see the world.”

Beauty therapy tutor Gail Bailey said: “It’s such a pleasure for us to see our students be successful out in industry and we’re always excited to watch them go aboard cruise ships and travel the world.

“Over the years we’ve seen lots of girls successfully apply to Steiner and last year was extra special as three of our therapists were accepted. It’s great to see the students’ and the tutors’ hard work pay off.”

The college has also recently seen its old girls work in a variety of fields and also take up degrees in media make-up, complimentary therapy, make-up artistry and special effects.

The Steiner group works with the likes of P&O, Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Princes Cruises and Holland American Line.