TEENAGE actor Bailey Pearson dreams of being a film star – and already has a film credit to his name.

Bailey, 13, a student at Blessed Trinity College, in Burnley, appeared in Coronation Street last year playing a bully called Connor, who tormented teenager Craig Tinker.

His character picked on him as he believed he was responsible for bur-ning down the Rovers Return in one of the soap’s most gripping story-lines.

He beat off competition from more than 150 other boys to land the role, and filmed his sc-enes over three days at Granada, in Manchester, last June.

Bailey started attend-ing the Carol Godby Theatre School, in Bury, in 2012, and has just app-eared in his first film role.

“It’s call ‘71’ and was filmed in Blackburn and was about the troubles in Northern Ireland in the 1970s,” said Bailey, who was spotted by Carol for his acting potential.

“It’s the first film I have been in and, while I didn’t have a big part, I enjoyed being involved in it. I had two small parts – I had to steal something and then run away from a soldier.

“It was two days of work and was good exper-ience. It is due for cinema release this year.”

Bailey’s favourite actor is Adam Sadler, and he wants to make it big in the film industry, but his friends will keep his feet on the ground.

“They are always tak-ing the mickey out of me, saying I am famous and will I lend them some money, but it’s all in good fun.

“Acting is really excit-ing.

“Being in Coronation Street was fantastic and now I am just waiting for other parts to come up.”