A PAKISTANI police official has stopped off in Blackburn as part of a tour of the UK.

Khan Sakhwat Khan is deputy superintendent of police in Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan, and has visit the United Kingdom to learn more about law and governance.

He has been to cities up and down the country, paying visits to fire stations, police stations and local councils. The policeman was hosted in Blackburn by Bastwell councillor Raja Iftakhar Hussain.

Mr Khan said he has had the privilege of touring many other countries, but that he found the UK to be one of the best in terms of law and order and discipline.

He said his visit was very enjoyable and he was pleased to meet many local people.

Mr Khan said: “As a police officer, if you do the duty properly with honesty and dignity, it is the best form of prayer, where you get peace of mind in helping people, and the same goes for the politicians.”

Mr Khan, who funded the visit himself, also met Blackburn mayor Coun Salim Mulla, who discussed a number of national and international issues with him, and explained the key role the council plays in running the town.

Coun Iftakhar said: “I am proud as Mr Khan, who is a very honest officer from my village of Goleen, has changed many lives for the good.

“We need many more people like him.