A SERIES of signs have been erected around Pendle to denote the location of the borough’s war dead.

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission has created the signs as part of events denoting the centenary of the start of the First World War.

Nelson Cemetery has the most, with 55, closely followed by the 58 at Colne.

Fifteen are in Barnoldswick’s Ghyll graveyard, Earby has nine, Barrowford three and there is one at Salterforth.

Coun Smith Benson, Mayor of Pendle and a keen military historian, said: “These war graves are being highlighted as a mark of respect to the fallen soldiers who lie within.

“The signs that have been put up outside the six Pendle cemeteries are a lasting tribute to their bravery.

The signs, which simply read ‘At this location there are Commonwealth War Graves’, will be maintained by the commission.