PENDLE Dogs in Need is urging people not to breed Staffordshire bull terriers.

Around 80 per cent of the dogs found as strays are Staffies and Staffie crosses, or other bull breeds.

A spokesperson for the charity said: “Rescues around the country are buckling with the pressure from the amount of Staffies being abandoned and finding themselves on ‘death row’.

“This means that when a dog is found as a stray it goes into a council pound and must serve seven days in kennels.

“If the owner does not claim them or a rescue cannot take it due to lack of space, the dog will then be put to sleep. We lose so many of these wonderful dogs through lack of space and we try tirelessly to promote them for rehoming but we struggle because there are too many.

“On average we receive two or three phone calls or messages a day from people wanting to rehome their Staffie but are very rarely able to help because they have been bred surplus to demand and there are just not enough homes for the amount of Staffies needing them.

“Please don't breed your dogs while so many are dying just through want of a loving home.”