A SCHOOL has been told to improve after inspectors found pupils' progress was ‘uneven’.

Park Primary School in Colne has retained its level three Ofsted rating, meaning it 'requires improvement'.

Inspectors said pupils’ achievement needed improvement because standards in Key Stage Two were too low last year and currently, progress is uneven across the key stage.

However the school's leadership team was said to be bringing about 'effective change’, including improvement to the quality of teaching and the achievement of pupils.

Lead inspector Marian Thomas said: “Progress in writing is less good than that in mathematics and reading in Key Stage Two. This is because some pupils lack the skills to use grammar and punctuation effectively in their writing.

“In some lessons, learning proceeds too slowly when teachers do not have high enough expectations of what pupils can achieve in the time available. When this happens, behaviour dips.”

However the school was said to have a number of strengths and the inspector added: “Children make good progress from low starting points in the reception classes.

“Those with additional needs who attend the ‘Rainbow Room’ make good progress.”

The school was advised to improve the pace at which pupils learn and increase the amount of work expected in lessons in Key Stage Two.

Ms Thomas added: “The school is justifiably proud of the achievement of year one pupils whose scores were slightly above the national average in the phonics screening check, which tests pupils’ ability to link letters to sounds.”