TOMORROW’S entrepreneurs have been set on the right path after a briefing from BBC Breakfast presenter Steph McGovern.

The TV journalist was invited to Nelson and Colne College to give an insight into business reporting for A Level and vocational business students.

Steph is an award winning business presenter for the BBC, who has been working in financial journalism for more than 10 years.

Her job for the BBC Breakfast team sees Steph travel all over the UK to cover economic and business news.

A Nelson and Colne College spokesman said: “The students were thoroughly entertained by Steph’s presentation.

“She talked about her early career in engineering, where she managed to save Black & Decker over £1million on a design she created for their Leaf Hog product, winning her the award for Young Engineer for Britain.

“She went on to inform the students how she used her engineering and scientific knowledge, coupled with tenacity and good fortune to land her first broadcasting jobs, which helped her to get to where she is today.”

A Level student Ellis Lynch added: “I got a great insight into the lifestyle of a BBC reporter and what goes on behind-the-scenes, which we would never normally hear about.

“We discussed many things, from the performance of high street businesses to getting bitten by a pig while on location!"