AN ‘outstanding’ Accrington school has unveiled plans to replace one of its ageing buildings in a £900,000 project.

St Christopher’s Church of England High School, in Queen Road West, said the two-storey modern building would make a safer, better teaching environment than the existing ‘raising of a school age’, or ROSLA, building.

It would mark further development to the school, which recently built a new £7 million sixth form and was rated outstanding by education watchdog Ofsted.

Former assistant head teacher and current project manager, Peter Cewe, said: “The building was built in the 1970s, and was designed to last for 15 to 20 years. It’s now leaking and falling to bits.

“The new building will be modular built, and will be around £600,000 less than it would be to refurbish the old one.

“It will look better and will meet all current regulations.” The old building, built to meet the increase in demand when the school leaving age was increased in the 70s, only has one central fire exit, old electrics, and acoustics that make it harder for children to concentrate.

It would be demolished, with the new like-for-like building taking its place.

Mr Crewe added: “The new building will make a much better teaching environment. Children won’t be crammed into cramped rooms.

“If the bid is successful - it’s going through the government at the moment - we will be notified in April. If it is, we hope the work will be completed for October half-term.”

An artist’s impression of the new Coates Building, named after head teacher of 21 years Alasdair Coates, who retired last year, show coloured render and vertical rainscreen cladding, with aluminium window frames.

The building would measure around 880 square metres, and would feature several classrooms, toilets, officers, stores, and a staffroom.

English, and Personal, Social and Health Education would be taught in the new building, the application shows.