PLANS to build 270 homes in Colne attracted more than 500 people at a two-day consultation.

Plans for the homes on a site known as the ‘Rough’, behind Favordale and off Windermere Avenue, were presented at Colne Cricket Club.

Campaign group Lidgett and Beyond said consultants who ran the event said they could not say who employed them, although campaigners believe a company called Manthorpe Developments (UK) is behind the scheme.

Owen Oliver, chairman of Lidgett and Beyond, said: “Apparently this application will be formally submitted next month and we need everyone who came to the event to support us and make their feelings known.

“The community of Colne will not benefit from this huge development.

“We were told that, if passed, the construction will go on for six or seven years, making living in this part of Colne absolutely intolerable.”

The campaign group is now urging its 300 plus membership to recruit more neighbours, with a fundraising and awareness evening being held on March 8 at the cricket club.

Coun Ann Kerrigan said: “I asked the consultants for copies of all the questionnaires that had been filled in, but they refused. This isn’t over yet and we do need to fight and keep on fighting.”

Sarah Cockburn-Price, secretary of Lidgett and Beyond, said: “We were absolutely delighted with Colne’s response to this vast housing estate that is completely at odds with this beautiful area.

“The message was loud and clear – absolutely no one wants it.”