TOILETS at Colne bus station are to be demolished after Pendle Council found ‘serious’ structural issues with them.

The facilities have been closed for a while because of problems caused by unstable ground conditions, but the council has now decided to get rid of them completely.

Tony Brown, from Pendle Council’s property management arm Liberata, said: “Whilst the council’s building has exhibited structural issues for some time, the problem has become more apparent following the demolition of the taxi office above and rebuilding of the stone stairway adjacent.

“The council’s engineering and special projects section have inspected the structure and have noted serious issues with the building walls which retain the ground beneath the shopping precinct’s land and buildings.”

During the closure, members of the public have been directed to alternative facilities located in the adjacent Colne Market Hall.

The toilet building is to be transferred to Pendle’s development partner PEARL2, who will carry out the demolition work.

But public toilets in Barnoldswick are to stay open after the town council agreed to take on the cost of maintaining them.

Pendle Council is pulling the plug on funding local facilities at the end of March, but Barnoldswick Town Council voted for a 109 per cent hike in its share of the council tax to pay for them.

From April, Band D householders, who were paying £21.94 per year, will be faced with a bill of £44.71.

Town council chairman Ken Hartley said: “Saving the toilets and other facilities in Barnoldswick is a high priority for the town’s representatives.”