A HASLINGDEN metal firm wants to build a permanent on-site security hub after suffering £50,000 of thefts.

Warton Metals Ltd, of Grove Mill, in Commerce Street, has applied to convert an unused part of the factory into a home to allow the owner to live on site full-time.

The company, which specialises in smelting metals to make flux, wires and solders, said: “The past few years have seen a rise in insurance for these types of manufacturing facilities, and given recent thefts resulting in losses of circa £50,000, it is apparent the site is being targeted by thieves.”

In a planning statement, it added: “There have also been issues with local children entering the site. Although this is a nuisance they do not tend to steal.

“But, given the hazardous chemicals and acids on site, there is a concern these may be touched and cause serious injury.

“All efforts are made to store expensive and hazardous items in safe secure containers, however there seems to be a will to steal, and the thieves are generally successful.”