Lancashire’s Green county councillor has condemned Cuadrilla resources for proposing to drill at two new fracking sites.

The drilling firm this week announced the proposed locations for the wells in the Fylde as it researches the potential of Lancashire’s shale gas resources. They are at Roseacre and Little Plumpton. Coun Gina Dowding said: “People in Lancashire wished they’'d seen the back of Cuadrilla.

“Now the government is trying to hush local opposition with promises of much-needed funds, but it doesn't change the facts — fracking won't bring down energy bills and is not a solution to climate change. Cuadrilla claims it will be a ‘good neighbour’ but what their neighbours will get is countless water tankers passing their homes, noise and the threat of pollution of their land and water.

“Every other political party is falling over themselves to support Cuadrilla and an expansion of shale gas drilling in the UK. The Green Party represents those local people who want to make a stand against it.”