A CONCEPTUAL artist, composers and a quartet who really gets to the heart of their music have pencilled in a date for Burnley Egle Mei has worked with Meike Holzmann and Ian Stephens, and the Liverpool String Quartet, to create groundbreaking new compositions based on cardiac rhythms.

The trio have been listening and recording to the sounds of people’s hearts to craft melodies for a novel musical experiment.

And the experience will be shared with an audience at Burnley Mechanics on Saturday, June 14.

Mei said: “I am very lucky to have a chance to work with the best composers in the North West.

“Meike and Ian have given the most beautiful forms and colours to the encoded notes, wrapped them into a language from which any audience can find their own meaning.

“And of course, the heart music wouldn’t speak for itself. Nobody else could play it so passionately and expressively as the Liverpool String Quartet.”

The performance at the Manchester Road venue will be part of a tour which also visits Liverpool, St Helens, Fleetwood and Preston.