Working in partnership with Jobcentre Plus means that a business can agree to offer unemployed people who want to work the opportunity to get a job and progress their career, subject to their performance.

In return, Jobcentre Plus will link you to a pool of potential recruits who are eager to work and have the core skills you need.

A business will also benefit from better access to practical support to enable you to prepare your new recruits for their new role. Employers who work in partnership have found that they save both time and money.

Once you have agreed to work in partnership with Jobcentre Plus, you will receive a named contact to work with you to gain a strong understanding of your business, recruitment and training needs.

You will be able to agree a tailored package which might include a number of work trial opportunities and joining forces with Jobcentre Plus and its partners to develop pre-employment training and offer opportunities for people who complete it.

Other benefits of working with Jobcentre Plus could be finding new ways to help people take up a job in your business, for example offering flexible working patterns, giving your current employees the chance to represent your business and mentor people who want to return to work and reviewing your recruitment processes to ensure that they do not unnecessarily exclude anyone Once your business gives the go ahead, you will work with your named contact to get the plan implemented.

You can then start to access the pool of candidates and build your workforce.

To find out more about how the scheme operates in Lancashire, contact the Group Partnership Manager for the North West via or call 07795 224513.