LANDOWNERS and developers hoping to erect wind turbines in Hyndburn will be handed new guidance.

A growing number of applications for smaller scale turbines are being lodged in the borough, and it is hoped the guidance will provide advice to developers and planners on ‘landscape and visual issues’.

Councillors will be asked to endorse the guidance at a cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

In a report, principal planning officer Paula Fitgerald said: “Smaller turbines present different siting and design issues as they are frequently viewed in close conjunction with existing built and natural features, and may be seen by greater numbers of people at close range.

“The guidance deals solely with the landscape and visual siting and design aspects of proposals for smaller scale wind turbines up to 60m in height.”

A campaign was launched in December to stop more wind turbines being built in Hyndburn after several applications were lodged. An application to erect a 77m turbine at Wooley Lane Farm in Baxenden was lodged with Hyndburn Council, while opinion was sought for a 35m turbine at Accrington Riding Centre, at Rothwell Mill Farm.

A 36.6m turbine planned for Tops Farm, Cross Edge, Green Haworth, would be 21 miles from Warton Aerodrome, and would cause ‘unacceptable interference’ with the air traffic control radar there, the Ministry of Defence said in a statement.