A STINGER device could be installed to stop cars obstructing a pavilion and skate park in Barnoldswick.

Pendle Council is examining plans for the ‘Predator Tyre Killer’ device in Victory Park.

Council chiefs have considered a number of schemes to tackle the issue.

Buying and installing the stinger device would cost £3,650, while installing drop bollards, another solution that has been discussed by councillors, would cost £1,550.

Neil Yates, from Pendle Council, said: “The product is a ‘Predator Tyre Killer’ ramp which is a permanent installation that enforces one-way traffic control, therefore restricting vehicles from exiting the pavilion area once the teeth in the ramp have been raised.

“The system is supplied in two parts: a base unit that is secured to the road surface and a cover plate that conceals the fixings and acts as a speed ramp. The system has a lock down feature that allows two-way traffic when necessary.

“Given that such installations are not permitted on the adopted highway, there are no standardised signs associated with such a product.

“However, should this option be pursued, it is recommended that an information/warning sign be installed in the vicinity of the ramp to ensure that road users are fully aware of the system."

Councillors on the West Craven Area Committee will discuss the scheme next Thursday.