RESEARCH by Huncoat weather expert Roy Chetham suggests the climate in Hyndburn is changing, but not by much.

The 21st century has been four per cent wetter than the 20th which was, in turn, 14per cent wetter than the 19th century.

Mr Chetham said: “Is our climate changing? Very slightly perhaps. Summers are not warmer, but winters have been generally milder since 1988.

“However, as yet, there is no definite indication that these trends are continuing.”

Hyndburn’s position – close to the middle of the country – keeps it sheltered from the most extreme of weather, Mr Chetham said, but, because it is 30 miles inland on the slopes of the Pennines, rain falls often.

He added: “The 143-year average rainfall for Hyndburn is nearly 50inches per annum. The wettest year on record was 2012, with 69.68inches, and the driest was 1887 with 28.62inches.”

Mr Chetham, who said last summer was the warmest, sunniest, and driest since 2006, warned of ‘sharper, colder interludes’ over the next week.

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