EAST Lancashire firm Promethean is using the latest advanced technology to transform teaching in the classroom.

The global leader in interactive whiteboards has teamed up with Light Blue Optics (LBO) to include its new generation Light Touch and pen technology into its newest digital classroom projection called ActivWall.

Light Touch and pen technology works by using infa red and complex algorithms to recognise up to 20 simultaneous touches or potentially more.

The two firms showcased the technology at Bett 2014, a leading global learning technology event, in London.

The ActivWall is an interactive digital surface that can be positioned both 'front and back' in the classroom.

Jim Marshall, Chief Executive Officer of Promethean, which is based in Blackburn, said: “The new ActivWall represents a significant enablement in the classroom learning environment. Interactive classroom interfaces that can simultaneously recognise multiple user inputs can unlock completely new opportunities for collaborative learning. We are delighted to be working closely with Light Blue Optics, one of the world’s most innovative touch technology providers, to bring these new learning experiences to connected classrooms around the world.”

Andy Dennis, President, Solutions Equipment Division of Promethean said: “Coupled with Promethean’s interactive whiteboard system designs, integrating Light Touch provides a highly scalable solution that allows us to develop exciting new experiences while also ensuring a rapid introduction of new products to market.”

Barak Maoz, CEO of Light Blue Optics, said: “Two years after pivoting our company around the market opportunity for our touch technology, the first product is being launched. We are very proud to be working closely with our partners at Promethean.”