A NEW defibrillator has been installed in Whalley after fundraising by residents.

Whalley First Responders unveiled the new equipment outside the public toilets in the centre of the village.

The community, including Whalley Chamber of Trade, donated money to the total £1,395 cost of the project in the run-up to the recent unveiling.

The First Responders are hoping to run classes in the village in the next few months which will provide training on how to use the equipment.

Static defibrillators are already located at the dentist’s and doctor’s surgeries and one is soon to be unveiled at St Mary’s Church in Langho.

Others have been placed in Clitheroe and Grindleton recently.

Whalley parish councillor, Eric Ronnan, said: “It’s a great thing to have in the village and I very much hope that it will save lives.

“They are very useful to have around and I hope that word will spread so that everyone in the area knows that one is there now.

“They have proved to save lives in other areas and I hope they will be used with success in Whalley.”

Gordon Fishlock, team leader at Whalley First Responders, said: “It’s a great community asset to have and it has the potential to save lives.

“We are hoping to run training sessions with the North West Ambulance Service to teach local residents both the importance of the new AED and how to use it in the event of someone suffering a sudden cardiac arrest “We intend to install various AEDs throughout the Ribble Valley. I know that Barrow and Wiswell have both expressed interest.

“AEDs are very simple to use. And you really cannot do any further harm to the patient. They only allow you to deliver a shock if a patient is in a specific rhythm.”

For more information on the new defibrillator or to enquire about future training sessions, call Gordon on 01254 823901.