BUS users in Barnoldswick may be forced to use two buses for their commute from today after routes in the town changed.

Services operated by Lancashire County Council and Transdev Burnley and Pendle have had to change because the turning circle at the Fosters Arms pub can no longer be used.

The land, which was leased to the county council, has been sold off for development and can’t be used by buses any longer.

The B1/B2 town service, operated by LCC, will now use a different route but will still serve the area, while the 21 to 29 Burnley Mainline service, operated by Transdev, will now stop in the town centre.

Resident Lyle Davy, who commutes just six miles to Nelson and Colne College, said: “For the school bus service, and people like me getting to college, a solution needs to be found.

“College students already have to set off at 7.40am to get to there for 9am. To have to walk almost a mile into the middle of town on top of that now isn’t on.”

Pendle MP Andrew Stephenson said: “People will now essentially have to get the Town Service bus to the middle of Barnoldswick, and then swap on to the Mainline service if they are travelling out of Barnoldswick. It’s obviously more of a hassle.

“It is also worrying for people trying to get to school or college and a solution needs to be found quickly.”

Tim Gornall, bus and supported transport manager at LCC, said: “The B1/B2 Barnoldswick Town Service, which is subsidised by the county council, will use Carr Road and Louvain Avenue on to Foster Road to allow the bus to continue to serve that area. There will be no change to the timetable or the rest of the route.”