RIBBLE Valley MP Nigel Evans has requested a debate on the state of the roads in the Ribble Valley.

The MP said that the roads ‘appear to be getting worse’ and that a debate would ‘enable us to focus on how much money is spent’.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Mr Evans said: “May we have a debate on the state of Britain’s roads because they appear to be getting worse, especially in Lancashire and the Ribble Valley?

“Annually, local authorities pay £30 million in compensation to motorists, so motorists themselves end up paying £2.8 billion in repairs because of the number of potholes and craters in the roads.”

He added: “A debate would enable us to focus on how much money is spent on the roads and to ensure that the money is spent equally in counties such as Lancashire, including in rural areas such as the Ribble Valley.

The Leader of the House of Commons, Andrew Lansley, said: “My hon friend knows that this government have made available additional resources to assist highways authorities to deal with potholes, and I hope that that is making a difference.”

He added: “None the less, it is a constant effort, not least because of some of the exceptional weather conditions we have experienced this winter and the previous one.”