A CAREER crook who tried to raid a man’s Burnley home because he knew he was on holiday is back behind bars, this time for 13 months.

Drug addict Michael Quigley, 33, who has 90 offences on his record, was not long out of a seven-year jail term and had just been released after being sectioned under the Mental Health Act when he struck.

He had been caught red-handed after the victim’s neighbour heard banging at around 1pm and saw Quigley at the property, armed with a crowbar and hammer, trying to force his way in through the back door.

Burnley Crown Court was told Quigley had not been on medication at the time, but since his remand into custody had been prescribed anti-depressant and anti-psychotic drugs.

The defendant, of Athol Street South, Burnley, had admitted attempted burglary and had been committed for sentence by Pennine magistrates.