SAVERS at Furness Building Society have now raised more than £800,000 for the North West Air Ambulance. Payments generated by the charity’s supporters who save in special accounts with the building society raised almost £135,000 last year, it was announced. The charity’s head of fundraising, Jenny Haskey, said: “The savings account with the Furness is a vital source of funding for North West Air Ambulance Charity, but the best news for supporters is it doesn’t cost them a penny.” North West Air Ambulance has three helicopters flying seven days a week, 365 days a year, covering 5,500 square miles and a population of around eight million. They overcome life-threatening issues of distance and traffic queues to ensure that trauma patients are transported in the critical moments after an incident to a specialist hospital. By receiving treatment at the scene from doctors or highly qualified paramedics and arriving at hospital in minutes, the patient’s chances of survival and speed of recovery are dramatically improved. For more information on the North West Air Ambulance Charity savings account with the Furness, visit nwaa. For further information on the work of the charity, visit