FILMS of life in Burnley will be shown on huge video cubes when a ‘Tate Modern’-style public art project comes to the town.

Large-scale screens will be installed next month.

Six 16-metre high towers on Stoops and Hargher Clough Recreation Ground will be interspersed with pillars of light on Saturday, February 1.

Under the ground-UP initiative, South West Burnley Residents’ Association has been working with new media artists Chris Helson and Sarah Jackets on an artwork dubbed the ‘o machine’.

The duo have been filming snippets of life in and around the area and the artists used Alan Turing’s early work on computers as an inspiration.

In a statement, the pair said: “We began to focus on the environment around Stoops and Hargher Clough. We were interested in the waves of regeneration that had taken place and what that meant.

“So we began a process exploring ideas of regenerative design, where diverse systems are key to developing long-term self-sustaining communities.”

Helen Jones, the borough council’s cultural development manager, added: “This project is representative of the people in Burnley who want to make a difference, and I hope people support them by coming along to the event.”

Cath Ford and Iain Broadley, from ground-UP, have also been working on the project and described the commission as their ‘most ambitious’ yet.

The work has been backed by Arts Council England, the borough and county councils and housing developer Keepmoat.

David Wroe, Keepmoat’s new build managing director, said: “The o machine is about bringing the kind of art you’d see in the Tate Modern to Burnley.”

The o machine will go live from 5.30pm until 9pm on the night.