PUPILS discovered the science behind fireworks when Accrington’s Mount Carmel Science department invited Hippings Primary School children to a special workshop.

The pupils were able to discover and record the different colours which are emitted when metals burn. They then tested different ‘fireworks’ to identify which metal they contained.

John Hill, director of science at Mount Carmel, hosted the workshop in one of the science laboratories.

The pupils were shown how to light and control the Bunsen burners and even created their own ‘sparklers’ at the end of the session.

Sue Fielding, schools partnership manager at Mount Carmel, said: “Practical science undertaken within a laboratory is always a fascinating experience for primary pupils.

“This was the first time most of the pupils had been in a laboratory and were a little unsure what to expect.

“The pupils were buzzing during the workshop and left us with lots of exciting comments to tell everyone at home and back at their school.

“We were very pleased they enjoyed their visit to Mount Carmel.”