YOUNG people at a Blackburn care home are receiving an ‘outstanding’ level of care, according to Ofsted.

The home was praised for being a ‘warm, nurturing and family-based group home’.

Managed by a private family partnership, the identity and the location of the home is protected by Ofsted.

The facility specialises in care for young people with emotional and behavioural difficulties before the transition into adult life. Inspectors were particularly impressed by the educational levels they attained at the home.

In the report, lead inspector Graham Robinson said: “This is a home that enjoys considerable success.

“It is operated by a family team with support from a small, selected team of staff who contribute fully to the ethos, culture and working practices developed over the years.

“There is a history of young people, some with very complex needs and vulnerabilities, living at the home for long periods until their successful transition into adulthood.

“This results in them living in an environment where their needs come first, where they feel safe and secure and they thrive socially, emotionally, physically and educationally.

“Excellent monitoring of the home, both internally and externally, provides a focus for continued development, based on evaluation and action planning. This inspection has not raised any major areas of concern and the report contains no formal recommendations.”