A HEADTEACHER is urging parents to check entitlement for free school meals.

Burnley head Richard Varey, of Blessed Trinity RC College, asked eligible parents to consider applying.

Mr Varey said that as well as helping families, it would also make sure the Ormerod Road school gets support.

He said: “The school receives a grant of £900 for each child who is entitled to free school meals. This will rise to £1,300 next year. “This money is used to provide additional classroom support, homework and breakfast clubs, tuition, additional support in numeracy and literacy, a counsellor and college courses.

“As a result of additional funding, it is expected exam results will continue to rise, further progress will be made in maths and more pupils will achieve functional literacy, enabling them to access the whole curriculum.”

Parents should ring Lancashire County Council’s Area Education Office on 01254 220711. Information regarding a child’s eligibility for free school meals is confidential.