RESIDENTS living in privately-rented homes should be guaranteed similar living standards to those living in social housing, by law, said Hyndburn MP Graham Jones.

The Labour MP has long campaigned against rogue landlords.

And he said he continued to battle in Parliament for increased living standards for tenants.

Mr Jones said: “Poor quality housing in the private rented sector is something which must be eradicated if we want prosperous towns in East Lancashire.”

Housing minister Kris Hopkins wrote to Mr Jones, and said, despite a ‘wide-ranging’ review into living standards in privately- rented homes, no new laws were planned.

He said: “The government has been made clear that there are no plans to amend the current legislative framework, or introduce new regulations in the area.”

Mr Jones added: “I would ask the question, what value can come out of a wide-ranging review – which it clearly is – where the options will be limited before any assessment has been made?”