FAMILIES whose homes are plagued with damp and mould have launched a Facebook campaign, calling for action.

Members of the group hope to put pressure on Twin Valley Homes by sharing their stories and photographs of their problems.

Marie Frith, who started the Facebook page, said: “I have four children aged six, eight, 11 and 12 and it is affecting their health and I’m worried about them. Why should we put up with this?”

Marie, her partner Chris and their four children moved into the house in Oozehead Lane, Blackburn in December 2012 and noticed damp immediately.

Marie contacted Twin Valley who redecorated with anti-mould paint but she said the problems persisted.

She said her daughter’s room was so badly affected by mould that she refused to let her sleep in it.

Marie said: “This house is a joke. It needs knocking down. It just doesn’t feel like a home and I don’t know if I could face moving.

“My oldest son has a severe speech and language disorder and he can’t deal with change.

“When we talk about moving, he gets very upset.”

The Facebook page was started on December 31 and has already attracted 27 members.

Among them is 38-year-old Dani Ball, who has lived in her home in Oban Drive for three years.

She posted photographs showing black mould surrounding her light fittings and windows.

Mother-of-five Dani said: “It gets into everything. I’ve had to throw away shoes, pillows, clothes away because they get infested with the mould.

“I scrub the mould off the walls but nothing seems to work.

“Twin Valley just keep advising that we keep our windows open. We do as much as we can but at this time of year, it’s so cold and we can’t afford to sit with the heating on full with the windows open.”

Ian Bell, head of Twin Valley Homes, said: “We have invested significant resources at Oozehead Lane over the past few years to prevent problems in the property.

“For example, a positive ventilation system has been installed. Recently, we have identified some damp in the dining room, which we are dealing with.

“In the case at Oban Drive, we have fitted new window glass and vents to alleviate condensation problems.

“But we are sending an independent specialist contractor to inspect the property and give us a full report.”

Coun Mike Lee, leader of the opposition at Blackburn with Darwen Council said: “I have seen a lot of comments about damp and mould in Twin Valley accommodation.

“Nobody should be expected to live in houses that are experiencing problems like this.”