A NURSE is set to face charges that she made medication blunders at care homes in Burnley and Nelson.

Elizabeth Gallagher has been accused of 10 separate offences by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) in relation to her time at Andrew Smith House in Nelson and Dove Court in Burnley.

She is set appear before the watchdog’s conduct and competence committee in London on January 9 and 10 to determine whether her fitness to practice is impaired.

One of the main allegations is that she failed to inform bosses at BUPA-run Dove Court, when she applied for a post there, that she had been dismissed from Andrew Smith House, in Marsden Hall Road North.

Her first charge concerns her alleged failure to administer four separate drugs, including aspirin, to a patient in June 2011, then allegedly made false entries on medical charts to cover up the ommission.

It is alleged that Gallagher then repeated the same actions on the following day, and followed the same procedure with a second patient more than a fortnight later.

She is also said to have hampered another resident’s hospital admission by failing to ensure medical notes were sent, sending someone else’s notes in their place, and informing the wrong family that a relative had been hospitalised.

The first accusation she faces in relation to Dove Court is leaving medication to a patient who could not take pills unaided, then making incorrect entries on her medical chart.

She is also charged with not completing medication entries on another patient’s chart, and falsely recording that she had been given Zopiclone, when there were no such tablets in stock at the home at the time.

Similar offences have also been lodged regarding a further patient, in relation to Half Sinemet and Quetiapine.

Gallagher’s conduct is alleged to have been dishonest, in relation to certain charges, and she could face suspension or being struck off if the charges are found proved by a three-strong NMC panel.